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Are you Dana Mladin from the “Stars’ School”?

… this association has been and is still following me, after 25 years. To quote a friend of mine, I have entered the collective unconscious. J

Yes, I am Dana Mladin from the “Stars’ School”, even if my “history” has not started and has not ended with this.

I smile every time when someone in the street, in a shop or in a line stares at me and tells me I look kind of familiar, but he/she has no idea why… Have we been high-school colleagues? Am I an actress by any chance? Or maybe I was on TV? Wait! I know you! You are from the tv show “Stars’ School”! And then we start remembering things.


This was a chapter that marked a whole generation. And especially us, who were part of the project. Myself – first and foremost as an editor. Then as a host. I have learned from “Mr. Titus” how a show is made, what professional respect is and how to let your imagination free.

I have spent years in the TVR – the public television studios, in the control room or in the make-up department, in the editor’s room, in rehearsal and post-production rooms. And outside, anywhere, when we were filming around the country or when we were going on tours and to music festivals.

Public Television, 1996
Shooting in Bran, the “Cotton Eye Joe” song
Over a glass of juice, in the studio, after shooting for the New Year’s Eve show – 1997
On Stage at the Mamaia Pop Music Festival, 1997

Sometimes I got involved in things that were not my business, but I have always liked learning during the moments I had nothing to do as a host or as an editor.

As the host of the show, the thing that I liked most was having to transform into all kinds of characters, depending on the script.

Me as the singer Luigi Ionescu, shooting the New Year’s Eve show – “Stars’ School in black-and-white and color”…
A special reporter on an exotic island surrounded by cannibals J
Me undercover as the famous Margareta Paslaru

I changed tens of costumes, I wore wigs, moustaches, beards, I was bald or a diva with long hair, I played the role of a man, of a news anchor, a mayor, or a fortune teller, I filmed on the roof of the theatre building in Mamaia, I came out of the snow, I jumped in cold water and many other things like that.

For the special New Year’s Eve shows, I was trying to learn the gestures of some great artists, to be able to imitate them during my intros.

This is an experience nobody could ever forget.


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