Dana Mladin


I am Dana Mladin and I am addicted to work and travelling. Yeah, all right, and sweets. J

Many people have told me that I married television… It might be guilty of many things in my life, but I have to acknowledge its merits too.

My childhood was professional swimming, many, very many children’s TV shows, events and roles in movies and TV series.

I have not become an actress, although, for many years I was convinced that was my calling. Too bad – no way! J I chose Journalism at the University of Bucharest. During my student years I became “Dana Mladin from the Stars’ School” – a show that has changed music and entertainment during the ’90s and made me a person that is still recognized in the street after more than 20 years from the airing of the show.

My learning as a tv producer began in a shocking way, when I was 26, when Valeriu Lazarov decided to choose me as the producer of the super-show “Surprise, Surprise”.

I have produced lots of entertainment shows, I have worked with almost all the stars in Romania producing shows for the Public Television, Antena Group, Prima TV and Pro TV, but most of all for the Antena 1 Channel.

For the last 15 years or so, without even realizing, I have worked in order to be able to travel. J That is most of what I get paid is spent for travelling. Despite my fear of flying.

What I write here about my trips are impressions, feelings and information I found out as a simple tourist, they are all my personal experiences. I do not have any intention of making theories, giving verdicts or offering perfect “recipes”. There are knowledgeable people who already do this. So do not expect guides, but stories.

From television and cinematography, I only hope to have the good memory and the patience to write down all that I have lived, from the age of three until today.

Otherwise, I want to write about life as it is. I realize that the commonplace we all see is, many times, more exciting that the “sensational” that we are sold…

You might like to read what I write here. In the morning, while drinking your coffee, while sitting on the toilet or while travelling by tube, when you are having your hair done, waiting in line to pay your taxes or maybe when you are in the airport, if you cannot sleep at night, when you are in the waiting room at your doctor’s or while holding your child who has just fallen asleep.

It is also possible for you not to like it. Maybe you are not interested. Maybe you have no intention to lose your time reading my site. No problem. I am welcoming any guests, as many as they are and all I can hope is to make, every now and then, your day more… colorful.

Note: If you are native speakers reading my site, please bear with me and my friend’s who is helping me English. Neither of us is a native speaker. We can only try to put into English words the feelings and thoughts I most certainly have in a perfect Romanian. J