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Coronavirus diary (2) – The beginning of hysteria…

I did not need anything urgently, as I had already been to a very full supermarket a few days ago… However, I passed by a hypermarket and I remembered that some two weeks ago I had bought from there some tuna cans and some thin gloves for cleaning in the house. At that time, I felt like eating tuna and I needed the gloves, now I said to myself it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy some more, already useful under the circumstances…

When I went into the shop, I was lucky not to see the lines… I would have given up immediately.

Before getting to the gloves and the tuna cans, I bought some other things like chocolate, peanuts, pasta J).

I got to the gloves sector. I was shocked!

It looked just like after the Turkish invasion! Not even one pair of those cleaning gloves. And the previous time I had bought those, there were hundreds there!!! In all sizes and colors.

Now they only had the thick ones and the very thin, oversize version, like those in a supermarket, at the bread and pastry area. Unbelievable!

After the mask hysteria, the gloves hysteria has started!

The truth is that I saw a lot of people wearing not only masks, but also those gloves I was looking for.

(If I were to appreciate the proportion, I’d say some 25% were wearing masks – some had gloves too – and 75% were not wearing anything.)

The situation is the same when it comes to disinfecting solutions. I looked on the shelves for anything ending in –tol or –nol, as I understood you simply had to have them. No trace of anything like this. But I am not desperate, because I have no intention to sterilize my home.

I go to the tuna shelves (with corn, My God, so yammy!) and, here, yet another shock!

My man, there’s no tuna, no corn and not even the cans of peas, that were in tens two weeks ago, are here any longer.

There’s just some beans in some very deformed cans and further down some huge, 4 kilos cans, with corn and peas. I think these are for the army mess, not for a normal house… Otherwise, the shelves are deserted!

But there is also good news: they have sanitizing alcohol!!!

Miss Mona reigns there! She is very fashionable these days. Everybody wants her J))

And since she is so wanted, the special offer I see close by seems very appropriated:

If we are isolated at home J))

On my way towards the cashiers points, I see a mountain of toilet paper. I have some at home, but I take a package on my way. I think that maybe the people who buy a lot of toilet paper must know some secret I don’t know about… (Or maybe they don’t have a bathroom in the house? Otherwise I cannot understand this hysteria)

I sit in the line. It is acceptable. We sit far enough from one another, but only because we have some market carts in front of us…

A man sneezes behind me and I feel that everybody becomes nervous J).

Among all the full carts, comes a man who only had two lemons. What? Just that?!? Yes, just two lemons in a plastic bag. One and two… That was all the man wanted to buy. He looks as if from a different planet hihi.

People let him go in front. “Should we buy some lemons too?” a couple in front of me asks after seeing the man’s choice. Affirmative answer. Go fast and buy some, as you cannot find them anywhere else. That was before we were told on TV that vitamin C does not protect us from Covid-19…

I look at all the chewing gum at the cash register and I wish they discovered that this can protect you from the virus. I have lots of chewing gum at home! From all the countries: Italy, China, South Korea, USA, France… J))

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