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Vacation in one breath

Being in Poiana Brasov for filming, I can’t help using the opportunity a bit, so, the first break I have, I run to the town to see it again after many years,

and here I find cures for anything, but, before taking something for the back pain, for being blue, against the evil eye and other such things, I heal myself instantly, as we have to start working again, therefore I put on my brave shoes and go with my colleagues up the mountain until my tongue reaches the dust,

but I’m glad I can admire the landscape and still remember my childhood when I used to climb these mountains with my family and… wait, we have to film again, so

I leave the mountain and go down to the valley,

where we film until the sun comes out to laugh into our faces, as the weather has brightened on the top, but my feeling of spite passes because it’s lunch time and my mind is busy ordering something good and look at me eating

chicken legs made in the cauldron (they go both with polenta and mash potatoes, just to get enough!), but let’s go do some filming again, because we have a lot more to do, and so we film during the day, and we film in the evening as well,

and even in the morning before sunrise, then, with the sun up and sleeping in my shoes, I show off the 3 cars I took to the mountains,

after which I wake up to reality and go to the team’s minibus, because we have to go do some filming again and that’s how we manage to finish sometime around noon, so I take the opportunity again, but this time

I take the Brasov bus which, by the way, is super civilized, costs a little more than 1 euro and takes you to Brasov in 20 minutes, compared to the taxi that takes you in the same time, but for about 15 euros,

I arrive in the city and walk through the center, because I missed normal, crowded times,

then I visit the Black Church, because I don’t remember anything about it, after which I take the bus back to Poiana Brasov,

only now the bus seems brighter than the sun, because, what do you know, it’s that type of a touristic bus, with an open top floor,

although the trip still cost me 1 euro and something and I still arrived quickly, which made me happy, because I received a bear alert on the phone and my heart jumped out of fear,

Pay attention, there is a bear alert in Poiana Brasov. The animal is considered to be dangerous. Don’t get near it and don’t try to feed it. Avoid going to the area if it is not absolutely necessary.

that’s why, if I got there so quickly, I thought I’d hurry to the hotel, but damn it, I still couldn’t escape it:

I still met the bear, but a friendly one…

The end.

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