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My birthday in isolation :(

Today, as it’s my birthday, I am in Malaysia!!! Yesterday, I was in Singapore and tomorrow I am going to Indonesia!

In my mind and in the cancelled tickets! Because, in reality, I am at home!

For those who truly know me it is clear what means to me NOT to travel on my birthday.

For me this is the most important vacation. I can work during summer, I can be at home in winter, but not on my birthday!

Ever since I could afford this, I decided to spend my birthday in places around the world. What was the advantage? A great one: who can still remember when the anniversary is? In fact, my birthday is somehow like a gypsy wedding J)). It starts the moment I get off the plane and it ends when I leave for home.

Starting from 2008 until 2015, that is for eight years in a row, I have spent my birthday in London! (London is the city that always gives me a positive vibe, a city where I would go anytime and the place where I fell in love with musicals). With friends or alone, it did not matter, I have been in London for my birthday. And I felt so good!!!


It is possible that London helped me pass over the “crisis of the 40 years old woman” J. (For me it did not appear at 30, so I was expecting a crisis at 40, so that I can be like all the others…)

Ilulissat, Groenlanda

In 2016, I broke the London tradition, because I suddenly felt like going in a dog sledge… And this is how I went, like crazy, to Greenland!!!

My birthday lasted five days hihi. I celebrated with a wheal steak and I bought all the trips that could be bought from that wonderful town where I stayed, Ilulissat. (My first adventures in Greenland are here, here and here. Two more, soon. And as I am at home now, I started making sort of a modest guide for other travelers just like me, who want to go to Greenland).

Lhassa, Tibet

For 2017, I dreamt to get to Tibet. Perfect, only Tibet was closed on my birthday J)). I have told about it here.

So, practically, my birthday in 2017 started in Beijing, went on in Shanghai, where I in fact celebrated my birthday, and after that the gates of Tibet opened. So I had a long anniversary… In China, China and… China again.

In 2018, I already went too far. That was pure arrogance…

My vacation started in Seoul. I was two steps away from North Korea, but I told myself that I’d better not cross over from South Korea and risk being celebrated on my birthday with patriotic songs, expanded shrimps and a jail cell. So I decided to fly to Japan!

And here it all was a big thing, I started exploring, from Hiroshima to Tokyo (through Osaka, Kyoto, Fuji and other places) I can’t wait to write about this vacation!


My birthday caught me on the famous Mt. Fuji! It played hard to get. Don’t think that I went there and it was waiting for me in all splendor…


New York, baby! – I shouted in March 2019. Especially since I had never been to America before.

I visited all the touristic attractions, trying not to skip any, I went to Washington DC, too, I saw some musicals, some matches and everything that I could see there… And I had the arrogance to go for a haircut in a saloon on 5th Avenue hihi. But, not now about this. So that I do not become depressed on my birthday…

after the haircut, on top of the Empire State Building

If it is 2020, it is Asia! Maybe just “Asia Express”, the TV show, watched from my own bed, because this terrible virus come now just in time to spoil all my plans! F&%*#@^k…

And it is one thing to travel around the world on your own and quite a different thing to be alone in your home, so bloody close to your family and your friends and not be able to have a party, a beer and the traditional Romanian “mici”…


What can I do? What can I do?… I started travelling with a cloth over the travelling guides J)).

I started with the ones at my place, but you cannot imagine what happens if I start doing so with the ones at my parents place, all the maps and all the 5 kilos books about the wonders of the world, about dream weekends, about mysterious places, books about the places one should see during a lifetime and many others from the same category. I am going around the world, really!

Well, for the time being I am only going around the room… And I am happy that I could, under the isolation circumstances, to go and buy a good beef steak that I have been meaning to eat for quite some time. For which I paid as if I had bought dinner for all my friends!…

And I bought myself a birthday cake too. I have a suggestion: let the confectionaries make ONE PERSON cakes. The one I bought, the smallest, is enough for 10 people! What do you mean 10?!? It is not legal during these times! And I am by myself, anyway!

Whatever… I will manage eating the cake, but tell me how do I blow the candles J))


Let us stay healthy! And get many more unforgettable anniversaries. This one will definitely be unforgettable J. After all, I spent it just like I wanted: away. Away from other people…

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